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Jacob Cohen is a luxury Italian label dating back to 1985. It is world-renowned for its exquisite couture jeans, made with the finest Japanese Kurabo denim and crafted by hand in Northern Italy. Designs are simple, fuss-free yet modern, featuring rips and distressed finishes which are applied entirely by hand. Today, the men's Jacob Cohen jeans collection features a myriad of styles, ranging from relaxed, flattering bootcuts to contemporary super-skinnies. With their insightful details and innovative cuts, these designs are true statement pieces to treasure for a lifetime.

The Jacob Cohen Jeans Buying Guide

Founded in 1985, Jacob Cohen is a luxury Italian brand that is highly regarded for the production of its jeans. Jacob Cohen designs and produces luxurious jeans that aren’t overly fussy and don’t need extravagant appeal — they speak for themselves. The brand stands by three key factors when it comes to the production of its jeans: they should be comfortable, be made from high-quality fabric and have an exclusive elegance to them. From more laidback designs like the brands bootcut jeans, to more formal ones like the super skinny jeans range, all of Jacob Cohen’s jeans are handmade. Ahead, take a look at our Jacob Cohen jeans buying guide, which will showcase some of the most popular Jacob Cohen jean designs. 

The Most Wanted Jacob Cohen Jeans

  • Jacob Cohen Skinny Jeans

    Skinny jeans are one of the most popular designs of jeans, worldwide. Jacob Cohen realized those skinny jeans needed to be better, especially if so many people were going to be wearing them. So, Jacob Cohen decided to create its skinny jeans, and the world went crazy for them. Jacob Cohen skinny jeans are not only suitable for everyday wear due to the durability of the denim they are made from, but they also look great in a more formal setting. The Jacob Cohen skinny jeans are available in several different colors, and shapes but the most popular skinny jeans by the brand are the Dark Wash Skinny Jeans. These jeans look particularly classic and have a vintage feel to them due to the subtle and slightly faded color. 

  • Jacob Cohen Cotton Jeans

    The Jacob Cohen cotton jeans have a more laid back cut to them and feel slightly more casual. Although the jeans are still rather slim fitting, they are nowhere near as tight as the skinny jeans. The Jacob Cohen cotton jeans are available in a variety of cuts and colors and from grey stretch jeans to blue distressed jeans, there’s something to suit every man in this collection. Cotton is a more relaxed material than denim and therefore conveys a more casual feel. However, cotton is still extremely durable and therefore these jeans will still look great in the long run, making them the perfect wardrobe staple.

  • Jacob Cohen Limited Edition Jeans

    A limited-edition pair of jeans from Jacob Cohen is highly desirable and valuable. Limited edition Jacob Cohen jeans are rare to come by, and anyone that loves jeans will understand their great importance. One of the most popular pairs of Jacob Cohen's limited edition jeans is Jacob Cohen 622. This particular jean design is a slim-cut design and is the most modern out of every collection by the brand. This pair of limited edition jeans comes with navy and white handkerchief, and a brown horsehide belt label. On this belt label, it will state which pair of jeans they were when they were created. For example, it might say ‘148 out of 200’. Other popular James Cohen limited edition jeans are the J688 and the five-pocket design.

The Jacob Cohen Jeans Sizing Guide

If you are slightly confused about which size to purchase a pair of Jacob Cohen jeans in, don’t worry. Take a look at the size guide below — just remember it is in centimeters not inches. If you need to, it might be best to measure yourself again to ensure you are getting the correct size.

For example, if you have a waist size of 84cm, an inner leg length of 87cm and a thigh size of 56cm, you should choose a W31 in Jacob Cohen jeans.

SIZES (cm)W29W30W31W32W33W34
INNER LEG878787878787

How To Care For Your Jacob Cohen Jeans

The majority of Jacob Cohen jeans can be machine washed, which is great news. However, you should always wash your jeans inside out. Never tumble dry your jeans or they may shrink. Try not to wash your jeans too often, or the color may fade. 

Where are Jacob Cohen jeans made?

The brand is still based in Italy. The jeans are handmade in the beautiful and culturally rich city of Veneto. 

Are each pair of jeans by Jacob Cohen unique?

Yes. Since all jeans are handmade, no two pairs of jeans by Jacob Cohen are the same. You will always be wearing an individual pair of jeans.

What is the denim used in Jacob Cohen jeans?

Some of the rarest and most valuable denim in the world is used in Jacob Cohen jeans. This is Japanese Kurabo denim.