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Emporio Armani Jackets White
Emporio Armani
Jackets White
C$1,157C$858(25% off)
Emporio Armani Jacket - Black
Emporio Armani
Jacket - Black
C$781C$438(40% off)
Emporio Armani Hooded Jacket Black
Emporio Armani
Hooded Jacket Black
C$539C$377(30% off)
Emporio Armani Jackets Blue
Emporio Armani
Jackets Blue
C$470C$348(25% off)
Emporio Armani Camo Jacket Black
Emporio Armani
Camo Jacket Black
C$765C$536(30% off)
Emporio Armani Leather Insert Puffer Jacket - Blue
Emporio Armani
Leather Insert Puffer Jacket - Blue
C$1,014C$661(35% off)
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Update your closet today with Emporio Armani. Shop all the latest designer jackets in our selection. Turn to Lyst's collection of blue jackets for your everyday staples. Each piece is crafted with care and every detail is carefully considered. Look here for highly wearable designs that really go the distance. Emporio Armani uses only high quality materials for its jackets, such as synthetic, ensuring each piece looks as good as it feels. Everything by Emporio Armani will seamlessly integrate into your existing wardrobe. Providing an easy way to give your wardrobe an instant update, Emporio Armani's pieces can be worn occasion after occasion and will never feel dated. Once you’ve invested in a synthetic item, preserving the fabric is a must. Everyday care will go a long way in maintaining your synthetic jackets, and we suggest checking the care instructions for the specific item before washing. Discover a wide selection of eye-catching pieces that will update your look in an instant. Shop our Emporio Armani range today.