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The Men’s Burberry T-shirts Buying Guide

Burberry, founded in 1856, is a British luxury fashion house. The brand creates a myriad of elegant but contemporary garments and accessories for both men and women. Every piece that Burberry designs and produces is high quality, contemporary and unique. The collection of men’s Burberry T-shirts features a variety of different designs, fits, cuts and colors. One thing that is a common factor between every T-shirt by Burberry is the fact all T-shirts are made from the highest quality material and are expertly crafted. The men’s T-shirt collection is vast, and features bold logo designs and vibrant prints, to simple one-color designs. There’s something to mesh with and complement any man’s individual style within this collection.

Ahead, take a look at our men’s Burberry T-shirts buying guide, which will feature some of the most popular and desirable Burberry pieces, as well as featuring a sizing guide and care guide. The most frequently asked questions are also answered.

The Most Wanted Burberry Men’s T-shirts

  • Burberry Cut-out Montage Print T-shirt

    The Burberry Cut-out Montage Print T-shirt is an extremely beautiful T-shirt that showcases the fact that Burberry has a big focus on contemporary design. The brand is pushing the boundaries in the fashion world, and this T-shirt is guaranteed to be setting trends. The Cut Out Montage Print T-shirt features a classic crew neck, with short sleeves and a straight hem. However, the sides of the sleeves are cut out and writing features above the cuts. On the top, at the back of the T-shirt, poetic verse features in black and speaks of love. The print of a deer also features on the front of the T-shirt on the left area of the chest. Although the T-shirt has a relaxed fit and is perfect for adding edge to an everyday look, this is also a great choice for more formal outfits.

  • Burberry Location Print Cotton Oversized T-shirt

    The Burberry Location Print cotton Oversized T-shirt is a simple T-shirt that has a minimalistic design. The T-shirt is black all over and features the UK Burberry location printed in white, bold writing at the top on the back of the T-shirt. The T-shirt also features one of the Burberry logos in a small print on the left side of the chest in white. The T-shirt also features short sleeves and a ribbed crew neck and is made from 100% cotton. The T-shirt is an oversized, relaxed fit that means it’s the perfect choice for everyday casual wear. The T-shirt has a streetwear feel to it that’s very fitting with current trends. 

  • Burberry TB T-shirt

    The Burberry TB T-shirt is one of the more vibrantly designed men’s T-shirts that Burberry creates. The T-shirt has the iconic Burberry linked logo print all over, and down the middle of the T-shirt, the print turns into black and white columns, with a bold red line down the middle. The T-shirt features short sleeves, a crew neck, and a ribbed trim. The T-shirt is made from 100% cotton, ensuring it has a soft feel on the wearer’s skin and is a durable garment. This bold T-shirt will show contemporary style. It’s the ultimate garment to show off one of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands.

The Burberry T-shirt Sizing Guide

Burberry uses Alpha Sizing, so it can seem a little confusing when you’re trying to choose the perfect size. If you’re not sure which size to order, take a look at the size guide below. For example, if you are a US size 40 in T-shirts, you will need to order a size M in a Burberry shirt.

BurberryUSUK / IT

How To Care For Your Burberry T-shirt

The majority of Burberry T-shirts can be machine washed. However, you should machine wash a Burberry T-shirt on a low-temperature cycle. Never tumble dry a Burberry T-shirt, as it could ruin the fabric or shrink. We always recommend checking the care label on the inner of the garment before you decide how to wash the garment.


Where are Burberry T-shirts made?

The majority of Burberry T-shirts are made in Italy. However, the brand does have factories worldwide.

How much does a Burberry T-shirt cost?

The price of a Burberry T-shirt depends on the specific design. You could pay anywhere between $150 to $600.

How often do new designs of Burberry T-shirts come out?

Burberry brings new designs of T-shirts out with every new collection - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. However, sometimes they will showcase new collections at different times in the year.