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Meadowlark Thea Necklace - Metallic
Thea Necklace - Metallic
C$2,085Sold out
Moda Operandi
Meadowlark Thea Drop Earrings - Metallic
Thea Drop Earrings - Metallic
C$3,190Sold out
Moda Operandi
Meadowlark Fob Anklet - Metallic
Fob Anklet - Metallic
C$515Sold out
Meadowlark Alba Ring - Metallic
Alba Ring - Metallic
C$238Sold out

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A captivating and mystical collection by a husband-wife design duo, Meadowlark is a fine jewellery line based in New Zealand. Known for its unconventional, oftentimes subversive aesthetics, the label has been since on the appendages of many music artists and celebs. A luxury feel is prevalent throughout Meadowlark jewellery, reflected by the use of sterling silver, gold and black sapphires. Pentagrams, eyeballs and severe, architectural shapes are often explored, with mix-and-match wearability presented by a wide range of ring sets. Treat yourself to an enigmatic final touch, with a statement-maker from Meadowlark jewellery.