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Maison Margiela Satin Crepe Blouse - Black
Maison Margiela
Satin Crepe Blouse - Black
C$1,022Sold out
Liberty London
Maison Margiela Silk-crepe Blouse - Black
Maison Margiela
Silk-crepe Blouse - Black
C$942Sold out
Maison Margiela Shirt - Pink
Maison Margiela
Shirt - Pink
C$1,294Sold out
Maison Margiela Pleated Satin Blouse - White
Maison Margiela
Pleated Satin Blouse - White
C$1,111Sold out
Maison Margiela T-shirt - White
Maison Margiela
T-shirt - White
C$781Sold out

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Update your closet today with Maison Margiela. Shop all the latest designer tops in our selection. Each piece is crafted with care using materials like wool, and every detail is carefully considered. Specialising in elevated essentials that are made to last, the label’s range has something to suit every shopper. Available in a range of styles and silhouettes, Maison Margiela's tops are well worth the investment. High-quality pieces that are made from wool require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. To ensure wool remains in perfect condition for years to come, we would always recommend checking the care label on each garment, as some will be dry clean only, and others hand wash or machine washable. Depending on the item, it is simple to spot clean or washable by hand or in the machine. Some wool pieces, such as a suit, blazer or coat, would benefit from spot cleaning. Hand washing at a cool temperature is the safest way to clean your wool, or place in a laundry mesh bag on a cold, low-spin cycle if you prefer the machine. Soak for up to half an hour, rinse well and press out any water without wringing. If you want to use the machine, make sure the item is turned inside out first, place in a mesh laundry bag and ensure a low-spin, cold-water cycle is selected. Lay flat to air dry, and do not put it in the dryer. To ensure a silky, smooth appearance to your wool garment, iron inside-out on a low temperature setting, ideally when it is still damp. For top-quality women's tops, look no further than Maison Margiela. Discover the label’s latest collection now.