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Franco Moschino founded his high-end fashion house in 1983 with the motto 'fashion should be fun and should send a message' at the heart of his vision. Today, Creative Director, Jeremy Scott keeps that playful spirit alive with his tongue-in-cheek logos and slogans, bold colour palettes and fast food motifs. Youthful, edgy and statement, Love Moschino has brought Moschino to a younger, trendier market and has made the brand more accessible. This selection of women's Love Moschino dresses is diverse and features printed T-shirt dresses, colour-block styles, unexpected ladylike collar designs, plaid shirt dresses, smart pencil dresses and heart print tunics.

The Love Moschino Dresses Buying Guide

Love Moschino is mainly well known for the eccentric designs sketched all over its garments, bold colors, and social awareness campaigns. The label not only creates playful jumpers, colorful accessories, and exquisite shoes, it also produces statement dresses. Love Moschino dresses are perfect for those that really want to show their personality through their style. From vibrant colors to bold messages, read on for our buying guide, which will help you narrow down the styles that work best for you.

The Most Wanted Love Moschino Dresses

  • Love Moschino Printed Dresses

    Love Moschino is famous for bold designs, exciting prints, and statements. The brand doesn’t stop doing this, throughout all of its ranges. Love Moschino printed dresses perfectly capture everything the brand stands for. From subtle black and white colors with bright red print saying ‘Peace and Love’ to Tomato Red mini dresses with ‘Love Moschino’ printed over the whole dress, Love Moschino’s style is like no other. The majority of Moschino printed dresses are made from either 100% cotton or 100% viscose. Love Moschino never fails to provide perfect quality, and therefore always uses the most high end and durable fabrics so you know the garments will last a lifetime. 

  • Love Moschino Jumper Dresses

    As well as making bold fashion statements, Love Moschino also creates more subtle pieces. Love Moschino jumper dresses are the perfect mix of contemporary designs and effortless chic. The majority of jumper dresses by Love Moschino fall just above the knee, making it the perfect choice if you want to show a bit of skin whilst still staying cozy. Love Moschino market their jumper dresses are ideal daytime dresses, which they definitely are. However, these dresses showcase glamour and style, and can definitely be worn to evening occasions too. Featuring jewel-embellished logos and made from pure wool, Love Moschino jumper dresses are undeniably beautiful. 

  • Love Moschino T-Shirt Dresses

    Love Moschino T-Shirt dresses are ideal if you want to go for a more laid-back approach that’s still easy to dress up. However, you probably wouldn’t need to add too much to an outfit to dress up a Love Moschino dress – they are statement pieces that don’t need anything else to fit in with. Love Moschino T-Shirt dresses are available in bold prints of dollar bills, to pictures of the iconic Love Moschino teddy bear. There’s something for everyone, as long as they are prepared to stand out and take center stage. The majority of Love Moschino T-shirt dresses are made from 100% cotton, meaning the finish looks flawless and the dress will be durable. 

Love Moschino Dresses Sizing Guide

For example, if you are a US size 8, you will need a size 42 in Love Moschino dresses.


How To Care For Your Love Moschino Dress

With 100% cotton garments, you can machine wash them, as long as it’s on a cold wash. With other materials like wool and viscose, you need to take more care. We recommend you always read the care instructions on the label inside the garment before washing it. However, never tumble dry Love Moschino garments, to ensure that the material stays perfect and the finish looks flawless. For garments that have prints on, wash inside out. For several Love Moschino dresses, you may need to hand wash or have the garment professionally dry cleaned. 


How do you know your Love Moschino dress is real?

Your Love Moschino dress will arrive with the original Love Moschino packaging, with labels and tags. You should look at the logo, to ensure it is the same font and has the same spacing as the genuine Love Moschino font. You will be able to tell your Love Moschino dress is real from the high-quality design and material.

What is the composition of Love Moschino dresses?

The materials used in Love Moschino’s range of dresses differ from dress to dress. To see what individual dresses are made from, we would advise checking the product description before buying.

Do Love Moschino dresses last?

As long as a Love Moschino dress is looked after well and care instructions are followed precisely when washing the garment, a Love Moschino dress should last a lifetime.