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The Balenciaga Totes Buying Guide

Christian Dior referred to his would-be rival, Cristóbal Balenciaga as 'the master of us all' and since the couturier founded his label in 1918, the French fashion house has maintained the impeccable standards and high quality artistry that it's been known for. This same flawless craftsmanship is evident in Balenciaga's line of totes. Utilizing a soft palette, the minimalist bags are off-set by the ornate detailing and edgy metal embellishments, which create an understated elegance and a timeless sense of style. For an accessory that exudes sophisticated and refined appeal, a Balenciaga bag is a closet investment.

Famed fashion powerhouse, Balenciaga, brings its mix of design elegance and streetwear cool to versatile handbags. For the easy over-the-shoulder style or top handle totes, the brand has a wide assortment of styles for all shopping preferences. Logomania fans can find the perfect canvas to show off the Balenciaga logo, and utilitarian enthusiasts can have their fix of totes fully equipped with zippers, pockets, and straps for dual-purpose use. Ahead in our buying guide, we’ll help narrow down the right Balenciaga tote for you and give tips on how to care for your bag properly.

The Most Wanted Balenciaga Totes

  • Balenciaga Classic City Leather Totes

    Much like its name, the Classic City Leather tote is built for a busy day that can endure city-living. From work, running errands in between and grabbing dinner with friends, the Italian-made city tote will be your new go-to for days that have you on the move from one event to the next. Crinkled leather materials and silver hardware deliver a durable edgy style, comfort, as well as important utilitarian features like the inner zipped pocket to carry all your daily essentials. 

  • Balenciaga Everyday Totes

    The logo alone on the simplistic design of Balenciaga’s Small Everyday Tote Bag speaks volumes when it comes to status. This seasonless shopper bag was made with durability in mind-- it can easily carry your daily essentials or used for grocery shopping in style. The boxy leather bag is lightweight and versatile for everyday wear, much like its name. 

  • Balenciaga Bazar Shopper Totes

    This effortless rectangular shopper tote bag is every fashion follower’s favorite. The bag comes with an adjustable strap to throw over your shoulder, with a top handle built in for an additional way to carry the bag, and a top-zip fastening for closure. Over time, the comfortable, lightweight leather is designed to be broken in, which gives the bag a distinct character that is uniquely yours. You can find the Bazar Shopper Tote in a wide assortment of colors of neutrals to bold multi color styles to fit nicely into your wardrobe.

How To Care for Your Balenciaga Tote

You’ll be putting your Balenciaga tote to use everyday-- so you’ll need to take good care of it.

Below, we have some tips and tricks to keep it in great shape to extend your shopper bag’s lifespan.

- An easy way to keep your bag in good form is by keeping it out of water. Try to avoid complete submersion in water and shield it from rainy weather the best you can in order to prevent water damage to the leather or fabrication.

- If you have a spill on your bag, we recommend taking a soft cloth and wipe away the spill or debris. For any dirt or dust build-up, we advise using the same method.

- If your bag comes with care instructions, read it first before making any attempts to treat the tough stains.

- For tough stains, find a cleaner specialized for leather materials. Place a tiny amount on a soft cloth, and test it on a small part of your bag that is not noticable. If there is any discoloration or stain, discontinue use. If it goes on smoothly and there are no concerns, continue to use, rotating the cloth in a circular motion. Allow the bag to dry for at least 2 hours, and keep it away from direct sunlight.

- If the stained area is still a problem, we recommend bringing your bag to a handbag repair specialist. These services are usually offered at local specialized shoe repair stores.

- After using the leather cleaner, place a leather conditioning cream on the bag to coat and protect the materials.

- When your bag is not in use, we recommend storing it in a dry, room temperature setting inside of the Balenciaga dust bag that your bag came with. 


Are Balenciaga bags worth the investment?

Since the brand’s beginning in 1917, Balenciaga has been holding its status as an industry power player. Pushing the boundaries and creating shapes and styles that had never been seen before, the brand stays true to its original heritage today. Because of its iconic history and fashion luxury notability, the brand itself is an investment worth making. The shopper bags and totes are durable, versatile, and created with fine leather materials to ensure lasting styles that buyers can put to use daily. Made in Italy, the brand keeps its quality standards to a higher level in order to maintain its reputation for designing investment pieces that will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Are Balenciaga bags made of real leather?

Balenciaga bags are made of real leather. Over time as the bag ages, the material starts to distress naturally which gives it its own unique character and look-- so no two Balenciaga bags will ever look identical. Lightweight and durable, many of the bags are made in variations of calfskin. All bags are lined with an assortment of different materials like canvas cotton, and some bags lined with soft nappa lambskin. When making a purchase, you’ll find the exact materials in the description to verify. 

How can I tell if my Balenciaga tote is fake?

Genuine Balenciaga totes will come with a style code engraved into hardware on the inside of the bag. Authentic Balenciaga totes also have the Lampo logo on the back of all zips, are made from premium materials and have a high-quality finish—from the stitching to down the logo.