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If there's one accessory that remains as coveted as a Hermès Birkin bag it's an Alexander McQueen scarf. Made famous by rock stars and the upper echelon of supermodels and socialites McQueen scarves remain on another level of their own when it comes to ranking accessories. Due to the scarf's edgy pattern and the endless selection of colors and styles available the McQueen scarf has become iconic and worn by A-listers in a variety of different ways. Whether worn traditionally around the neck or used as a headscarf or handbag tie the McQueen scarf is a worthwhile investment.

The Alexander McQueen Scarves Guide

Alexander McQueen scarves were made famous by celebrities, supermodels and all the rockstar friends of the brand. Even after almost two decades since its iconic launch, the Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf remains a coveted piece across the globe. Over the years, other scarves from this house have become wardrobe staples and are seen as a rite of passage for high fashion fans. Just like a Chanel Classic Flap bag, or a Hermes Birkin, an Alexander McQueen scarf is a worthwhile investment. With so many ways to wear, this is a designer accessory that is a must-have when it comes to versatility. Use our helpful shopping guide below to find the right scarf for your collection. 

The Most Wanted Alexander McQueen Scarves

  • Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

    Women’s Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves remain popular and there are many designs in this collection. These silk-blend scarves come in different sizes and feature print variations ranging from rose print and other florals, chain print, and multicolored skull print. The silk-chiffon monochrome version with the standard skull print is the most classic piece to own. 

  • Alexander McQueen Skeleton Scarves

    A modification on the iconic Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf, the Alexander McQueen Skeleton Scarf is a playful piece with a range of print designs to choose from. These prints include tattoo skeleton print, animal skeleton print, and chain skeleton print. 

  • Alexander McQueen Wool Scarves

    For the transitional wardrobe, the Alexander McQueen Wool Scarf range is a warmer choice for cold days. This collection includes cozy scarves in 100% or jacquard wool fabric, with features such as fringing and a wide choice of prints and colors. 

How To Care For Your Alexander McQueen Scarf

Alexander McQueen scarves are made from mostly natural materials, such as silk and wool. Many pieces from the Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf collection are 100% silk, and the jacquard style scarves are either 100% wool or made with a wool and silk blend.

All scarves are dry clean only and should not be machine washed. For stains, seek the help of a professional cleaning service. When not in use, store your scarf safely and away from damp or direct heat. When wearing, avoid contact with jewelry or embellishments on clothing as this can snag the scarf. 

Where are Alexander McQueen scarves made?

Alexander McQueen scarves are made in Italy. 

What will my Alexander McQueen scarf come with?

The brand presents all scarves in branded packaging, but this may differ depending on the retailer you shop with. 

How can you tell the difference between real and fake Alexander McQueen scarves?

All Alexander McQueen scarves are made with premium and natural materials, mostly silk or silk blends. Synthetic fabrics will not have the same quality in look and feel. Many of the pure silk scarves from the genuine range will also be hand-stitched, not machine-stitched. To make sure you are buying authentic products, always shop with a reputable retailer like the ones featured on Lyst.